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Keep your Kids Safe Online  
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Step 6: Stop Objectionable Spam
Spam isn't good for anyone, but for children, it can be particularly harmful. Links in e-mail can lead to pornographic Web sites.

The solution: Install a spam filter. For e-mail clients such as Outlook or Outlook Express, OnlyMyEmail is a good add-on for blocking spam before it reaches your PC. But it's more likely your kids are using free Web-based mail systems such as Hotmail or Yahoo Mail. If the service has a built-in spam filter, set it to the highest level of protection. Just keep in mind nothing can stop your child from perusing the Junk E-mail folder in search of legitimate mail caught by the filter.

If your teenager uses Outlook Express, consider switching to Mozilla's free Thunderbird. It's similar to Outlook Express in appearance and function, but it includes a built-in spam filter.

Molly Wood shows you how to stop spam dead in its tracks in our video.




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