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Microsoft Office Shortcuts on your Keyboard  

Ctrl Z is the magic undo combo. It simply undoes your last action, say, the paragraph you accidentally erased (it works in other applications, too--try it on the Photoshop filter you really wish you hadn't applied, or after renaming a document or a folder in a Windows directory). Programs vary in the number of times you can undo something, but some will let you Ctrl Z all the way back to the beginning. (And, yes, there is a redo command, just hit Ctrl Y.)

  • Ctrl B, Ctrl I, or Ctrl U apply bold, italics, or underline to highlighted text, respectively.

  • Ctrl P prints whatever is in an active window.

  • Ctrl Backspace erases an entire word at a time, instead of a letter. Ctrl up or down arrows let you scroll an entire paragraph at a time, instead of one line, and Ctrl Shift up or down arrow will select an entire paragraph.

  • Ctrl Enter inserts a page break in Word.

  • Alt Ctrl C inserts the copyright symbol (Alt Ctrl R inserts the registered trademark symbol, and Alt Ctrl T makes the trademark symbol).

  • In Outlook, you can jump to the section you want: Ctrl 1 switches to the Mail window, Ctrl 2 switches to the Calender, Ctrl 3 to Contacts, Ctrl 4 to Tasks, and Ctrl 5 to Notes.

  • Ctrl Shift M starts a new message in Outlook. (Use Ctrl Shift C for a new contact.)

  • In Outlook e-mail, hit Ctrl N to compose a new message, Ctrl R to reply to a message.

  • The only Excel shortcut I've ever known, Ctrl , enters the date. (If you live in Excel, you should have the Excel Keyboard Shortcuts page in your Favorites!
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