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Photography Main Top Ten
Most Popular Tips & Tricks
#1: Experiment with Compression
You may be able to take more photos with your digital camera - here's how.

#2: Avoid Red Eye
Be careful when taking digital camera pictures involving flash.

#3: Experiment with Exposure Time
Changing your digital camera's exposure time may result in interesting photographs.

#4: Turn Your Digital Camera
Sometimes a slight change can result in much better photos from your digital camera!

#5: Visit your Digital Camera Manufacturer's Website
Why you should regularly visit your digital camera manufacturer's website.

#6: Steadying your Digital Camera
Reduce digital camera shake by following these tips to steady your camera.

#7: For Beginners - Using the Histogram to Help Ensure Proper Exposure
Help ensure your digital photos don't turn out underexposed or overexposed.

#8: Exposure Compensation Tool
Use exposure compensation to lighten or darken your digital photos.

#9: Remember - You Can Crop Later
Don't immediately delete digital camera photos if an unwanted element or person got in your picture.

#10: Use the Presets in Difficult Lighting
Your digital camera preset modes may help you take beautiful pictures in difficult lighting conditions.

#11: Zoom Versus Camera Shake
Why zooming into a picture may make your digital camera photographs blurry, and what you can do about it.

#12: The Less Compression the Better
Decrease your digital camera's image compression for higher quality photographs.

#13: Bracket Your Important Photos
Explains bracketing, and how it can improve your overall digital camera picture taking.

#14: Turn Around to Avoid the Sun
Reposition yourself when taking digital camera photos so the subjects don't appear washed out.

#15: Don't Always Center Your Subjects
Experiment your subjects' positions in your digital camera viewfinder for more interesting photos.

#16: Dealing with Cloudy Days
Don't let cloudy days keep you from taking great photographs with your digital camera! Take advantage of the weather.

#17: Take Photos at Different Times
Take advantage of the lighting available outside at different times of the day for great photographs with your digital camera.

#18: Consider Black and White
Consider using your digital camera's grayscale mode for sharp, artistic looking photographs.

#19: Practice Everything!
Get accustomed to your digital camera's features and practice everything before you go on a trip.

#20: When You Don't Have a Tripod
Keep your digital photographs from turning out blurry.

#21: Does Your Camera Have a Reset Button?
Can you easily reset your digital camera settings to the default?

#22: Wash Fruits and Vegetables First
Make food photos look better with glistening fruit and vegetables.

#23: May Just Have to Wait
Patience may be required when taking outdoor digital photos to get the perfect lighting.

#24: Why Use Manual Focus?
Reasons why one should sometimes use manual focus even with advanced digital cameras.

#25: Onscreen Ruler or Grid
Align your photos correctly with your digital camera.

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