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Benefits of video surveillance & remote monitoring:  Contact Grant for pricing!

Video surveillance and remote monitoring offer much more then just enhanced security through surveillance and video playback.  Just like e-mail introduced a new level of communication, video monitoring and playback solutions offer businesses a variety of visual benefits including:

Watch your Office while your away!

  • Operations & Facility Management
  • Loss Prevention Management
  • Emergency & Accident Management
  • 24x7 Security Management

Today's video monitoring & playback solutions should be considered a management tool that can be used by a variety of departments within an organization.  

The main benefits of  digital technology are:

  • Never stops Recording
  • Higher image Quality
  • Faster image Search and Retrieval
  • Superior Archiving capabilities
  • Instant Playback at the touch of a button
  • No more video tapes
  • Simultaneous playback, record & archive
  • Lower maintenance than VCR's
  • Easy integration into existing network

Security benefits of CCTV:

  • Helps to create a safer environment for employees and customers
  • Deters theft, violence and vandalism
  • Helps to identify offenders
  • Provides evidence in prosecutions by Police
  • Provides 24x7 enhanced security

Non-security benefits of CCTV:

  • Allows more efficient use of security staff
  • Identifies staff training needs for store management
  • Monitors sales floor activity to assist in management and merchandising

When you're ready to install a digital video surveillance security camera system to your home or business you can rest assured you're about to feel a whole lot safer. People install these security camera systems for so many different reasons. No matter what your reason, the one thing everyone can agree about is how good you feel when your property is protected. You can install one of these security camera systems to monitor the activities of your business while you are away. You can also monitor the activities of your home, such as the safety of your children or your pets while you are away. You can even arrange for a motion detector to alert you via pager or e-mail when there is a disturbance at your home or business.

The Benefits of a Digital Video Surveillance System Your digital video surveillance security camera system is easy to install. In fact, it takes less than a few minutes to determine the system that's right for you, and have it installed in your home or business. Some government systems take a little longer to install, as they tend to be more complicated, and tend to cover a much larger area.The great thing about digital video is the quality of the signal is transmitted and recorded. Another great thing is variety of features available with digital video recorders, such as: High resolution Hard Disk Storage, Date/Time or Event or Segment search, built in multiplexer that allows simultaneous recording of multiple security cameras. Both of these factors provide you with a top of the line security camera system for protecting your property.      I'm on YIM if Lit      Designed by: Grant Hare & Hosted by:   View Grant Hare's profile on LinkedIn    ^Page Top
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